Dako Omnis. A generation ahead in IHC & ISH. Our commitment to advancing pathology begins with something very simple – listening. Through our commitment to partnering with our customers, we have helped drive innovation and confidence within cancer diagnostics. We remain committed to delivering novel solutions and innovative technologies which support your lab to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. Dako Omnis. Developed by the lab, for the lab. Developed together with pathologists, lab managers and lab technicians from around the world, with the needs of the pathology lab very much in focus. The Dako Omnis IHC and ISH automated staining solution builds on our reputation for delivering quality reagents and staining solutions that bring certainty to cancer diagnostics. Dako Omnis delivers what pathologists, lab managers and technicians are asking for in terms of time, choice, and better patient care. IHC and ISH automated on the same platform, coupled with fully optimized and validated protocols, enables a fast turnaround time of patient cases and high-quality results. The instrument offers the highest standards of certainty, consistency and effciency.

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