Kallifronas SA specializes in trading diagnostic reagents and more particularly in the areas of Pathology, Cytology and Molecular Pathology. We are one of the most dynamic and competitive businesses in our field, working with the larger hospitals, universities and institutions of the country, offering high quality and latest technology products. Our company supplies reagents for diagnostic and research purposes as well as consumables with consistency and expertise that help the research and diagnosis of cancer.

On 29/12/2016 the merger by acquisition of the sole proprietorship “MICHAIL A. KALLIFRONAS” by KALLIFRONAS S.A. was completed with the announcement of GEMI No. 62448 / 29.12.2016. Our company was founded in 1976 and operates since then in the center of Athens providing the most reliable in-vitro diagnostic medical products and services with immediate and complete support.

Our extensive experience and the continuous search for new technologies and techniques, render us as one of the most established and innovative companies in the aspects with which we deal. Our company is structured in such a way that there are clear roles and expectations from each employee, providing a highly motivating and challenging environment having as ultimate goal our optimal operation. The organization chart of the company includes sales, scientific and technical support, accounting, tenders department and the warehouse.

The main, and most important, goal we set is the immediate and effective service of our customers and partners as well as the full satisfaction of their needs, always with consistency and courtesy. The important elements in which we focus to achieve our goals, is the satisfying execution of our orders, consistent support on sales, scientific and technical assistance, and continuous effort for self-improvement.

All employees of our company are trained, each on its area, by certified operators, for the constant search and update on subjects of new products and expertise. We actively participate in National and European conferences / symposia in the field of pathology, at conferences by global evaluating corporate and training by our representing companies, in order to constantly update our technical training and the possibility of better service.

Kallifronas SA implements a quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2012 standards with scope “Trade and Handling of in Vitro Medical Devices” and also runs based on the Ministerial Decision DY8d 1348/2004 on “Trade and Handling of in Vitro Medical Devices. All of our products are listed in the Registry of Medical Devices EKAPTY and all of our implements the Company’s Code of Conduct. Finally, our company is a member of the Association of Health – Research and Biotechnology Industry (SEIV), the oldest and largest Association of companies that provide the Greek market with medical scientific equipment and related consumables.