Primary antibodies

Primary Antibodies (monoclonal or polyclonal) are intended for use on tissue sections and are provided in concentrated or ready-to-use form. The majority of the antibodies are CE marked and are intended for in-vitro diagnostic use. FLEX RTU GA-series is designed for the Dako Omnis platform, the IR-series is designed for Autostainer Link 48 and the IS-series is designed for Dako Autostainer instruments. All antibody reagents for immunohistochemistry are in liquid form and contain an antimicrobial agent.

You will find all available primary antibodies in the attacFFhed file.

Detection Systems

EnVision FLEX

EnVision FLEX is a high-sensitivity visualization system intended for use in immunohistochemistry together with Autostainer Link Instruments. The dual link system detects primary mouse and rabbit antibodies and the reaction is visualized by DAB+ Chromogen. The convenience kit includes Peroxidase-Blocking Reagent, EnVision/HRP, DAB+ Chromogen, Substrate Buffer, Target Retrieval Solution High pH, and Wash Buffer. Optionally, the FLEX+ version contains mouse linker that amplifies the signal of primary mouse antibodies. EnVision FLEX convenience kits are compatible with all optional EnVision FLEX and FLEX+ reagents for Autostainer Link Instruments.

EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System

EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System enables staining of two or more markers on a single slide using HRP and AP reactions. EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System is intended for use in immunohistochemistry together with Autostainer Link instruments. This system is useful for the simultaneous detection of multiple antigens present in low or high concentrations within one specimen. The visualization is based on peroxidase (HRP) using DAB+ as chromogen and alkaline phosphatase (AP) using Permanent Red as chromogen. EnVision DuoFLEX Doublestain System is biotin-free, thus significantly reducing non-specific staining resulting from endogenous avidin-biotin activity. This visualization system should be used for Dako DuoFLEX Cocktail antibodies.

Ancillaries for IHC

We offer a wide range of accompanying and ancillary products that are necessary to fully cover the entire range of immunohistochemistry. These products include, but are not limited to:

Chromogenic substrates
Blocking reagents
Buffers and diluents
Mounting media
Dako Pen and FLEX slides.