Automated Slide Stainer Myreva SS-30

Myreva SS-30 is a slide stainer for H&E and Papanicolau staining that meets the requirements for special and user-specified staining protocols. This benchtop unit it is ideal for small and medium labs. The user can easily control the immersion time and speed, and additionally reduce carry-over by adjusting shake (dipping) and amplitude (vertical travel). It is also possible to customize water station positions to optimize and maximize efficiency to reduce staining times.
Myreva SS-30 works in multi-loading mode, which enables the 20-station stainer to run up to five racks (a total of 150 slides) simultaneously. The stainer offers up to 2 loading, 3 unloading and 3 rinse stations, and also features a battery backup with a 2-hour lifecycle.

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