Consumables - Chemicals

Our company supplies the largest Pathology and Cytology laboratories in the country with a variety of laboratory consumable materials, chemical reagents and laboratory equipment. The range of available products is very wide so we present some of these indicatively. For any clarification or products that you may need, browse the websites of the companies that we represent or contact us directly.

1. Superfrost / Superfrost Plus slides
2. Disposable Microtome blades (Micros Austria)

Our disposable microtome blades are crafted from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability and an extended lifespan. These blades are capable of effortlessly cutting various types of tissues, including bones, making them suitable for both soft and hard tissue preparations. Designed to fit all microtomes, our blades are manufactured in Japan and bear the CE Mark, guaranteeing their quality and safety compliance. Each box contains 50 blades.


3. Cellulose acetate Strips
4. Flow Cytometry consumables
5. Coverslips in various sizes
6. Chemical reagents